K Beauty Trend: Honey Skin vs. Glass Skin

Before We Go On


You have probably heard the term ‘Glass Skin’ - written in Instagram captions, hashtags, product descriptions, and Youtube videos. It is a widely popular term that won’t be disappearing for a while. But, have you heard of ‘Honey Skin’? Not so much. You may have read about it in a few articles from Allure, and Byrdie - but that’s all there is for the most part. Don't worry we're on the same boat too! So, what is ‘Honey Skin’ then and should it make a resurgence? Let’s get into it. 

Glass Skin

Let’s start talking about glass skin first. Glass skin is all about creating translucent, clear, poreless, and radiant skin. You are looking to create the kind of sheen glass has. In terms of texture, it should look dewy and smooth. It is totally achievable with beauty products, a good crystal/cool-toned highlight, and a dewy and luminous foundation can get you there. There are Korean women who use special skincare technology (LED masks and so forth) to achieve a good base before applying a luminous cushion to create a glass skin look.


But, if an LED mask isn’t something you own - opting for skincare products that properly hydrate your skin will help you achieve the glass-like sheen! We recommend sleeping packs, gels, and sheet masks that contain lightweight but hydrating formulas for the best glass skin glow!

Honey Skin

Honey skin, on the other hand, is another radiant skin look, the precursor to ‘Glass Skin’. Honey skin is healthy, radiant, and deeply moisturized. Like Glass Skin, clear and poreless skin are also key highlights. But the texture can be described as soft, and naturally semi-matte. Achieving Honey Skin requires self-discipline because it stems from a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to achieve highly moisturized and elastic skin. Most famous for their honey skin is actress Yoo In Na - who credits healthy habits to maintaining honey skin. This includes drinking enough water, eating enough fruits and vegetables, and sleeping well. It’s what we like to call self-care! In terms of skincare, she talks about using packs, and home-care methods that aim for overall skin health. She also says that touching her face with unwashed hands is the worst thing you could do for your skin! For makeup - we recommend a semi-matte cushion or a cushion that doubles as skincare to maintain your healthy skin throughout the day. 



What do you think? We think Honey skin is already making its way back in Korea but do you think it’ll reach Western beauty? We’re all for self-care and healthy lifestyle changes! Let us know in the comments if your team honey or team glass!


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