Things That Can Effectively Change Your Skin That Doesn’t Have to Do With a New Skin Care Product

Before We Go On


Skincare is beyond products we put on our face. It includes so many aspects of our lifestyle, including environment, diet, and exercise habits. As much as we hope that the most popular skin care products out there that can cure us of our skin concerns, it takes much more than that to cultivate healthy, glowing skin. Although good products can certainly help your skin perform its best, it’s not the be all end all. Not everyone is incredibly blessed with good genes and naturally good skin, although I’m a big believer that skin that is a bit more temperamental or sensitive is just a way of your body telling you what you need to improve on - even though it’s not always clear what that trigger is (so don’t freight it’s just asking you to care for it or be healthier). Let’s cover the basics of what is important for your skin, even if you’ve heard it many times, and why it can effectively change your skin for the better.


I don’t want to list things that you should eat for your skin to be on its best behavior because it doesn’t necessarily work that way for everyone. We all have things that deteriorate our skin health and things that work for us. If you can help it pay more attention to how certain foods affect your body. It’s truly the best way to see what should be cut out or lowered in your diet. Otherwise, most of us find that eating greasy, processed foods to be the reason behind our skin troubles. Things like dairy, fats, and sugar are also common triggers. These things tend to cause our skin to overproduce sebum causing breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, and the likes. Not surprisingly, caffeine, alcohol, and other dehydrating foods/drinks cause your skin to dry out and lead to flaky and cracked skin. If we’re talking about blindly improving your diet for better skin, those would be good starters. At the same time leafy greens, fruits, and healthy fats are ideal for healthy skin. But, I believe all things should be done in moderation.


I know you know this - exercise does a lot of great things for your body. Furthermore, finding the right exercise - one that you truly enjoy can lower stress while doing all the things exercise can do for you like increase dopamine, regulate hormone levels, increase natural oil production, and promote collagen production. 


Maybe it isn’t exactly 8 hours of snooze for you to feel refreshed, healthy, and happy. But, regardless of the length of time - getting in enough beauty sleep is important. Not only is your skin actively working to maintain its’ health during that time the rest of your body gets to rest. So even if your skin is great - it’s best not to skimp on your sleeping time.


It’s not all you! We’re well aware of what dry or humid air can do to our skin, as well as Summer or Winter weather. But, more and more, pollution is coming up as a major external stressor. It’s one of the things that actively break down your skin barrier, which is why many people in Asia are opting in for barrier strengthening ingredients. In this case, certain products can do a lot of heavy lifting for your skin - but it’s good to learn to be aware of what types of environments your skin likes and what kinds cause problems.


I did not mention this in the body of the post but stress is typically a huge trigger for skin problems. But, stress is not exclusive to the mental type, physical stress which is more so what we addressed above can do the same damage. Take this information for now and we'll get into the nitty gritty next time. Good luck! 


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