Face the natural beauty, restore the life balance 


Refresh your new ritual

Nature : Face the “Self”

Face the essence and naturalness of me through closer and deeper connection with nature.
With nature's clarity and purity, it leads to natural beauty and natural value which eliminates unnecessary decorations.
In the ambiguous standards of beauty and complicated evaluations, it contains the hope of discovering the beauty.
Among the colorful inner stories, you can find answers on your own and move toward true beauty.


Focus on the inner self

Recovery: Look back for the self 

Through the first start of circulating with nature and facing one’s most honest and natural self, focus on the whole “myself”.
By looking into the story alone, you can discover a higher consciousness and an intimate story.
Through a time of positive self-reflection that helps you recover in fading values, you will be naturally healed and see better appearances.
The process of delicately capturing the inner story, harmonizes with nature to restore inner balance and realizes the new values of self.


Reset, Restart with your color

Start: Moving forward with the self 

Accept the purest and the most natural beauty of myself through the natural values inside.
Continue taking courageous steps toward a sincere process with alternative minds to discover another self.

You will face complete love by recognizing the importance of finding the self and accepting yourself without being disturbed.

Dream yourself who will be changed into a new one by having the right choice for you.

Think about moving forward by having meaningful values and unconditional love.

With us, form your color

Dr.Althea : Worth and With


Dr. Althea helps the entire process by providing the product for your healthy beauty life.

Leaves the effect as it is, we only realize clean and delicate method so that our items can be used without irritation and apply the mild materials to the skin. 

Without having harmful ingredients but proceeding with signature clean formula, Dr. Althea creates healthy options in daily lives.

We promises to create a sustainable beauty culture and supports your steps towards a better value.
We will always be with you and lead you to form your own color as well as your value.