Trend Alert: Multi-Masking - Yay or Nay?

Before We Go On


You've seen it - pictures of people with a variety of colors on their face. Is it some sort of new mask or ... these people you're seeing all over the internet are multi-masking! A method to personalize masking just for you. What is it exactly? Well, multi-masking is when you use two or more masks at the same time to target specific skin concerns. It sounds easier than it is - slathering all your favorite products on without doing them all separately is a dream come true. And it makes perfect sense because your skin is different depending on the area. You might notice that your skin is a combination of skin concerns or skin types even (the most common combination skin). But the real question is how does one carry out multi-masking and should you try it? Let’s get into it. 



Target different skin zones with different masks. This is highly recommended for Combination skin. Classically using a matte mask on oily parts and moisturizing on drier parts of the face. But you can further separate your face into multiple zones depending on the skin concerns you may have! Easy right?



This way of multi-masking is slightly more complicated and actually best for dry skin. When layering masks you apply the first mask then the second on top of it. This method is difficult for those who may not be well versed in complementing ingredients. But if you can confidently pair ingredients well then this is a really great way to get in all the goodies for your skin. 


One after the Other 

One after the other is usually done when one of the masks you want to use is a clay mask. You can use a clay mask first to cleanse the skin then add on a nourishing face mask to give your skin a boost. 


That’s it! It's definitely a YAY for us. Multi-masking is the most effective way to mask especially if you have various skin concerns in specific areas. Easy peasy right - if you have more questions about multi-masking leave it in the comments below and we’ll answer them :) Well what are you waiting for? Time go home and get your multi-masking on! Good luck!

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