Why You'll Want Skincare Products with Natural Moisturizing Factors

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Natural Moisturizing Factor or abbreviated as NMF - is found in product descriptors or ingredient breakdowns. It sounds like a great thing and makes sense in a way but what are people really referring to when they say an ingredient is an NMF? Natural Moisturizing Factor refers to the protective layer that our skin naturally produces on its own. It does all the good things for our skin - locks in moisture protect it from external stressors, and maintains elasticity. The NMF is made up of various ingredients, from free amino acids, sodium, peptides, hyaluronic acid and more.


Dr. Althea's Amino Acid Gentle Bubble Cleanser contains NMF. 


NMF in Skincare

So, if our skin naturally produces NMF why do we need skin care products with NMF ingredients? One major factor is as we age, our NMF weakens and decreases which results in dehydration, and loss of elasticity. A second factor is increased exposure to pollution and other external stressors also weakens the NMF. That’s why skincare with NMF ingredients are popular in skincare products. Often NMF ingredients are either the same as what your skin produces or has a similar molecular structure which mimics a component of the NMF cocktail. Strengthening your NMF allows you to better protect your skin from aging, blemishes, and dryness. No matter what your skin type is, it definitely pays off to strengthen your skin’s defense system! 



We're definitely into NMF, this skin savior deserves a bit of love and whole lotta support as we age. So, next time you go shopping for new skin care make sure you check the ingredients to make sure an NMF substance is included!  Good luck!


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