Introducing Dr.Althea's Pro Lab Series - Part Two

All about the Pro Lab Sheet Masks


If you're already a fan of our original sheet mask collection, you're going to love our new Pro Lab Sheet Masks. We've also included a repacked version of the Natural Brightening Velvet Mask in Pro Lab. It's got a new look but it still has the same effects as you all know and love. If you're new to our sheet masks and haven't tried any of them yet ... here's what you need to know:


  Dr.Althea's Natural Brightening Velvet Mask. ($32)

Natural Brightening Velvet Mask revitalizes dull skin, brightens, and supplies nutrients to the skin. Among the variety of natural grain ingredients, the key ingredients include Oatmeal, Milk protein, and Rice. Oatmeal and Rice are highly effective brightening agents, exfoliators, and detoxifiers. The Milk protein supplies nutrients to the skin and enhances skin immunity. It also improves overall skin health.


 Dr.Althea's Squalane Ampoule Treatment Mask comes with 5 ampoules and 5 sheet masks. ($32)

Ampoule: The Squalane in the ampoule gently provides immense moisture deep down into the skin. It forms a water barrier and nourishes the skin with a light texture. Preventing the moisture from evaporating, the ampoule locks moisture in to present long-lasting hydration. The ampoule contains Azulene and Panthenol which repairs damaged skin and helps to improve skin elasticity. By soothing inflammatory surfaces or any blemish that appears, the ampoule helps in gaining a better complexion. It is especially helpful in removing hyperpigmentation from the face allowing the skin’s surface to be smooth and clean.

Mask Sheet: Made with nanotechnology, the mask sheet has high adherence abilities allowing it to stay on the face. It is also effective in nutrient delivery, by supplying nutrients deep down into the skin. Ingredients extracted by natural plants are delivered gently through nano-microfiber with the minimum irritation. The sheet soothes inflammatory skin and lowers the skin’s temperature while hydrating the skin at the same time. Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide, the two main components in the mask sheet helps to absorb moisture into the skin by the escape of any moisture. The Trehalose activates cell-regeneration, rejuvenating the skin condition


 Dr.Althea's Recovery Solution 2 Step Mask ($22)

The Recovery Solution 2 Step Mask is perfect for alleviating extremely dry and damaged skin. The boosting drop ampoule contains Adansonia Digitata Fruit Extract, which provides rich nutrients while forming a protective water barrier over the skin that locks in moisture. The repair silk sheet mask contains Beta-Glucan or (β-Glucan), effective in skin cell renewal which is perfect for eliminating dead cells. This mask will immediately leave your skin looking glowy and healthy.


Dr. Althea Pro Lab series is made to effectively solve our consumers’ skin concerns. This includes tired skin due to external stressors, sensitive skin, and weakened skin functions. The development process involves specialists who conduct extensive research on the safe formulation of skin care products. Dr.Althea believes that perfect products start with pure ingredients. Pro Lab researchers focus on helping our customers achieve optimal skin health using natural substances in specially formulated skincare. Products feature Resveratrol, Squalane, Azulene, Amino acids, and more. Each formula is thoroughly tested and trialed. The products are carefully created for cleansing, detoxifying, and hydrating the skin. While simultaneously preventing signs of aging, and improving primary skin functions. At the core of the Pro Lab products, is the intention to return the skin to its original immaculate state as if an in-person specialist treated the consumer’s skin.


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