Skip-Care K-Beauty Trend: Getting the Skin You Want with Less Product

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We’ve covered everything from the Korean 10 step skincare routine to the shortened 5 step routine. Now, the latest trend is what Koreans call ‘Skip-Care’. What is Skip-Care? Skip-care is quite frankly the opposite of what the Korean 10 Step Skin Care Routine is. The number of steps is up to you but it typically ranges from 1-3 products. Skip-Care prioritizes multi-care products which often includes, nutrient-rich, hydrating, and healing. In order for Skip-Care to be effective, products target the overall health of the skin, with some specializing in blemishes, anti-aging, and so on. It makes perfect sense, as our lives become busier or when you just want to squeeze in more time for R&R - creating an effective yet quick skincare routine is almost a no brainer. Many of you may be ecstatic by this new trend, multi-care products that will make any lazy human happy. But for those of you who are diligent enough to have partaken in the 10 Step Skin Care Routine and may or may not be clutching onto your 10 holy grail products currently - this new trend sounds too good to be true. But trust us, let those 10 items go because we’ve got a few products that will be just as effective without breaking your bank, all while saving you time. Oh, and lest we forget, it’ll guarantee the dewy skin that is so sought after currently.

What to Look For When You Shop for Skip-Care Routine

When diving into Skip-Care, the products, and their functionalities is something you’ll need to keep a sharp eye on. We’re looking for multi-care, multi-tasking, and multi-functional products. At the same time, these products should be targeting fundamental skin care concerns - overall skin health, pollution protection, skin healing, and hydrating. We don’t want fast acting per se but instead long-lasting skincare which targets the root of skin concerns. Furthermore to choose 1 -3 products that truly work for you is dependent on how well you know your skin. Once you understand your skin, it’s good to know what ingredients work for you already and look for them in multifunctional products. The last tip is to make sure your products work together and don’t cancel each other out. If you find one out of your 2 / 3 hero products cancels out another, the effectiveness is lost.

Products to Try

Dr.Althea's Foaming Cleanser & Bubble O2 Mask

Multi-functional product - both a cleanser and mask pack ($18)
A cleanser and mask pack in one, Dr.Althea’s Foaming Cleanser & O2 Mask is a multi-functional product that cleanses and conditions the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Just massage the soft jelly-like texture into your skin until it begins to lather to cleanse the skin. When it becomes bubbly continue gently massaging the bubbles into the skin for 5 minutes and rinse off to activate the O2 mask. Doing two times the job in one easy step!

Dr.Althea's Premium Intensive Essence Lotion

Essence and lotion all in one ($45)
 Another double action product - the intensive essence lotion is likely more than enough for hydration (unless you have incredibly dry or tired skin if so include the third step in your Skip-Care). The Premium Intensive Essence Lotion is nutrient-rich and focuses on keeping your skin hydrated. Its gel texture soothes irritated skin and formulates a protective water barrier over the skin (thanks to the NMF ingredients). Your skin will be ready to go whether it's a night in or a day out.

Dr.Althea Multi Water Drop Pack Gel

Quick and convenient Multi Water Drop Pack Gel ($45) 
If you're finding your skin still isn't getting enough moisture, whether it's your skin type or because environmental stressors are drying out your skin. For example, a long flight, A/C, pollution, and just the winter time in general - you can go ahead and treat your skin to the Multi Water Drop Pack Gel. This is an incredible product, it has a pudding-like texture and as soon as it goes on your skin it formulates into water droplets that allow the product to penetrate deeper into the skin. Its main focus is on skin revitalization but the natural ingredients in it promote better skin health. 



Like always these are just starting points to help you build the best routine for your skin. This particular routine is ideal for all skin types - and not necessarily a specific skin concern. The good thing about having so little products to manage - is you can easily see what is working for you, what's not working for you, and what you can add to your skincare. It might be a little scary to go from an extensive skincare routine to an incredibly simple one. But the Skip-Care is nothing that should be brushed off as a fad - people with sensitive skin often opt for a Skip-Care in order to keep their skin in check. But, of course, skin care is highly personal and some of you may prefer this better than others - which is okay too!

Lastly, we’ve chatted about skincare products to build out a Skip-Care routine and although SPF was not mentioned above. No matter how busy you are, SPF should not be skipped over. Feel free to look for cushions with built-in SPF if you really need to be speedy but we all know it's essential to healthy skin. 

Let us know what your current routine looks like in the comment section! Like always, good luck!


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