What is Butylene Glycol and Why Should You Look for this Ingredient?

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Butylene Glycol is organic alcohol derived from petroleum. It is a water-soluble ingredient that attracts water and in turn, deeply hydrates the skin. It also has the ability to enhance the penetration of active ingredients, while conditioning and smoothing the skin. Furthermore, it does not irritate and is compatible with most ingredients which is why it is found in all sorts of products. From skin care to hair products. Even at Dr.Althea, Butylene Glycol can be found in all our products - especially because we create skincare products for sensitive skin. That means even with all the extra active ingredients that we incorporate in our formulations, for sensitive skin to effectively absorb it we use Butylene Glycol to better deliver the product to the skin. 

Butylene Glycol is an inactive ingredient. It has the ability to break down difficult substances while being safe for the skin - which is why it's so popular in skincare. It is also loved for its' ability to lower the viscosity of other ingredients. It's great for acne-prone skin and immediately makes the skin feel softer to touch. 

The only skin type the Butylene Glycol can irritate is highly sensitive skin but there is not much information on those cases. 

What do you think? How many products do you own that use Butylene Glycol in its formulation? 

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