Double Cleansing: When More is Better

Before We Go On

         Washing your skin with a cleanser is an integral part of maintaining a beautiful glow on your skin. It’s not just about removing makeup you’ve been wearing all day, but it’s also about removing bacteria and pollutants built up on your skin during the day. Join us in learning more about cleansing not just once, but twice!

          Double-cleansing is a deep-cleansing method of using two steps to achieve clear skin, usually done as a nighttime skincare step. First, you use a makeup remover such as cleansing oil or cleansing cream. You need to make sure to get rid of as much makeup as possible in this step. The oil will also break down any oil-based gunk. This is then followed by using a water-based cleanser like cleansing foam. This step ensures that you are getting rid of all the gunk like pollutants, toxins and any extra makeup you missed in the previous step.



       Double-cleansing is believed to brighten the skin and even out skin texture as it allows for a deep, exfoliating cleanse. Exfoliated skin will then help absorb products like your toners, serums and creams overnight. And best of all, even skin texture will also help your foundation look snatched!

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