How do I know if my skincare routine is working for me?

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Skincare routines can be mystifying or incredibly easy depending on the type of routine you want and how your skin behaves. If you're anywhere in the sensitive, acne-prone skin type category then you know that finding something that works for you is difficult. Regardless, for all of us, knowing if our skincare is working or not, can feel like a scientific experiment - people often ask 'how long should I wait until I see desired results?', 'is it me or is it the product?' 

In this article, we will be focusing on what happens if it's the products and not you. Here are signs that it is time to break up with your skincare products:



A good cleanser is meant to effectively remove dirt from your face to leave your skin cleansed of any debris. If you don't feel like your cleanser is doing that for you then here are three telltale signs that it's definitely not for you:

If your skin isn't feeling immediately refreshed, and healthier.

If it feels dry, greasy, or tight.

If dirt and make up is not easily removed. 



Toner should clean pores and have an impact on the appearance of your skin - leaving it more radiant or hydrated than before. Most of all it helps restore your skin's pH levels to prepare your skin for the rest of your routine. If you don't feel like it's doing any of that - here are four more signs for when you should ditch your toner:

If there is no improvement in your skin for 1 ~ 2 weeks. It is possible for some toners to show immediate results - for example, Hyaluronic Acid types.

If your skin does not feel radiant and softer.

If it doesn't take off some bits of makeup.

If your skin looks red or the pores don't improve. 



Exfoliating is a quick cheat to long term bright skin. Exfoliating helps take off the old layer of skin cells to reveal brighter and newer skin. Here are some signs for when your exfoliant isn't working for you:

If your skin doesn't feel or look smoother.

If the dullness does not fade in 5 - 14 days, some can show results overnight.

If signs of aging do not lessen.



Finally to keep your skin fully nourished and hydrated is your moisturizer. Here's when to ditch your moisturizer:

If your skin feels greasy instead of hydrated.

If your skin does not feel moisturized or healthy.

If your skin dries out throughout the day.

If there are no improvements within a month. 


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