We Love Multicare, Multi-functional Skin Care Products

Before We Go On


We are finally ditching the 10 step skincare routine and stocking up on heavy lifting multi-functional, multicare products. Goodbye to the days where skincare products served a single purpose, which took us into the double-digit skincare routine. Korean beauty is finally going the other way and minimizing the time, money, and effort spent on flawless skin - switching to a more efficient routine that will achieve the same results. It’s a trend that sounds too good to be true and we’re hoping that it’s one that is here to stay. We’ve covered skip-care before but let’s get into why you need to switch over to multicare, multi-functional products that will give your skin the healthy glow we all love!

Save Time and Money

We mentioned it before but we’ll say it again - you’ll get a bang for your buck with multicare products. Using products that target improving fundamental skin health will help with a variety of skin concerns. Furthermore, multi-functional products allow you to use the product in various ways to replace the need for two separate products which would cost you double the price. So yes, lazy girls and skincare junkies on a budget rejoice! Who knows what you can do with all this extra time and money! 

Say Goodbye to Overwhelmed Skin

It was widely believed that the more products we layered on our skin the better - turns out your skin might feel overwhelmed by it all! Stripping back can improve your skin dramatically and if you start to see any problems then you can slowly add back in the products that target your skin concerns. Your skin’s going to thank you for giving it a bit of a breather. 

Say Hello to Products That Your Skin Actually Needs

Since you’ll only be wanting to use 3-4 products maximum - your new routine will only consist of products that your skin truly needs. Multicare products tend to address the root causes of skin problems - like damaged skin cells and dehydration. Your skin won’t be overloaded with a whole roster of ingredients (see number 2) and it’ll get you one step closer to glowing honey skin. 

Allows Your Skin To Do Its' Job

With the lack of products for the skin to be reacting to, it can relax and do its job. Focusing on soaking up the few products that you have provided, and using it to strengthen the skin barrier, repair itself, and purge anything it doesn’t need. 

Regain Some Vanity Table Real Estate

If your packed vanity stresses you out - well it's time to reorganize. With your few (but very effective) skincare products you can Marie Kondo your vanity table. Trust us, it will make you feel a little lighter. Maybe you can fill that newly open corner with a candle, incense, a book, or just leave it bare. 



  1. Saves Time and Money
  2. Say Goodbye to Overwhelmed Skin
  3. Say Hello to Products That Your Skin Needs
  4. Allow Your Skin To Do its Job
  5. Regain Some Vanity Real Estate

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