How to Build Your Own 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

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The 10 step Korean skincare routine - you’ve most likely heard it before. It’s been mentioned just about everywhere, from Vogue to Soko Glam, we’re sure you’ve seen it. It’s the reason many people can achieve unblemished skin in Asia. It sounds daunting to go through 10 steps before calling it a night but it’s definitely possible to skimp the routine a bit if you’re crunched for time. But, if you can spare a bit of time, once or twice a week. We highly recommend building your own 10 step Korean skincare routine and here’s why...

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it’s exposed to the most external toxins that deteriorate its’ health. The 10 step regimen will give your skin health a boost while targeting any skin concerns you may have. 

We highly suggest this routine for city dwellers who are constantly exposed to external stressors. Despite the name, the routine isn’t so daunting. The point is to cleanse, treat, and protect. It's a highly customizable and intensive routine. We can guarantee that you'll see results.

Build Your Own 10 Step Routine

Probably the most daunting part of the process. There are so many Korean products to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Don't worry! We broke it down into steps that will help you with creating your own 10 step regimen. 

Determine your skin type and how you want to improve your skin.

Dry? Oily? Combination? Normal? Sensitive? Knowing what your skin type is, is a great way to start. This automatically filters out any products that will not work for your skin type. Next, determine how you want to improve your skin, do you want to target hyperpigmentation? blemishes? uneven skin tone? large pores? redness? It’s best to focus on one thing at a time for the best results. This will help filter out quite a bit of product getting you ready for the next step.

Find out what ingredients/products are currently working for you.

So you’re already into skin care and you have a few holy grails. Don’t switch these products out. Better yet take a look at any highlighted ingredients that may be working for you. It’ll make it easier for you once you find out what works, you can immediately cross out any products that contain ingredients that don’t suit the products you already use.

Research the products you want to add.

Now, it is time to do some research. Time to refer to your favorite skincare blogs and Instagrams. Don’t be afraid to send a prospective brand a DM or comment to ask if a product may suit you. Maybe a friend with a similar skin type has a few holy grails that you’ve never heard up. We’ve listed below what products you should add first.

  1. Cleansing products, if you don’t own two cleansers it’s time to get on that. Double cleansing is incredible for your skin. Get an oil and foam cleanser!
  2. Moisturizeressential to every skincare routine. There's so many to choose from, a good way to filter out which one is right for you is to start off with finding a texture and weight you like. You want your skin feeling hydrated and soft, not greasy or sticky.
  3. SPFwe know you've heard this before - you need to use sunscreen! If applying sunscreen isn't your favorite step then look for a product that has SPF, whether it's a moisturizer or a cushion.
  4. Tonersome people might think a toner is unnecesary, but it preps the skin allowing it to absorb the later products easily.
  5. Sheet Mask(s)the holy grail of Korean skincare, a good sheet mask goes a long way. 
  6. Exfoliater, you can chose a scrub or an acid. But, find something that doesn't over exfoliate and isn't too harsh on your skin. 
  7. Eye Creamyou may or may not believe in eye cream. We suggest using it as early as possible as the skin around your eyes age easily. 
  8. Serum/Ampoules, here's where you can fully target any skin concerns you may have. Some people have 2 - 3 that they use to target various problems but we suggest starting off with one. Once you get the hang of it and understand how ingredients work together then you can add more. 
  9. Essencethe lightest and the first moisturizing product you put on your face after toner. It sets up the skin up for heavier moisturizers and serums/ampoules. 

Incorporate one product at a time.

It’s best to approach this slowly, you may overwhelm your skin (and yourself) with the overload of products. Adding one product at a time gives you time to get used to it and build up a habit of using the new product. It’s best to add one product in a month. It’ll give you ample time to test it and make sure it works for you! But, if you think your skin can handle it, speed up the process by introducing a new product every 2 - 3 weeks.

Don’t be afraid to switch out products that aren’t working for you!

Nothing is written in stone here, your skin will change depending on the environment your in and how your body is feeling. What once might have been working for you might not anymore and if that’s the case it’s time to switch things out. It’s also okay to switch things out if you’re interested in a new product! You can go through the research process again - this time smarter and better at skincare.


  1. Determine your skin type and how you want to improve your skin.
  2. Find out what ingredients/products are currently working for you.
  3. Research the products you want to add.
  4. Incorporate one product at a time.
  5. Don’t be afraid to switch out products that aren’t working for you.

These are just a few general tips for building out a 10 Step routine but if you’re still not convinced it’s something you want to partake in - that’s okay too. We have a 5 step routine built out for you to try, we get that life gets hectic sometimes. But, if this inspires you to finally get into the 10 step routine, that’s amazing! It’s truly nice to put some time aside for skincare. It’ll allow you to catch a breath and wind down for bed or get hyped for the day. Like any new habit, it does take time to build so be patient, and you’ll see the benefits soon!

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