Dear.A Slim Fit Tone Up Sun Cushion

The Slim Fit Tone Up Sun Cushion is a hybrid type of sun cushion that combines the UV-Reflective properties of mineral sunscreens and the UV-Absorbing properties of chemical sunscreens, to provide a high level of sun care with SPF50+ PA++++. Combining both mineral and chemical sunscreens makes them more beneficial and offer a higher level of UV protection. Its slight pink tone and non sticky formula, allows it to be used as a makeup base and tone up base, for a brighter and more even skin tone and texture. Once applied to the skin, it adheres tightly and works to smoothen out pores, giving a flawless and soft finish. It also contains EWG Green Grade Snow Ice complex to help lower the core temperature of the skin and provide a cooling feeling. Containing 4 types of plant based key ingredients, it helps with skin soothing and the combination Tocopherol, Adenosine and Niacinamide helps with antiaging and brightening care, making it a 3 in one makeup base, tone up and sun cushion product that is also safe to be used on sensitive skin.