Fluffy Blush

32 Reviews

An airy, long-lasting pressed powder blush that effortlessly blends and layers, creating a natural, soft, healthy flush reminiscent of watercolor paintings.

Dear.A Fluffy Blush offers a spectrum of five shades thoughtfully curated for compatibility with both warm and cool-toned skin tones. It imparts a natural, soft color payoff that can be effortlessly layered to achieve the desired depth. Notably, its exceptional, long-lasting formula ensures impeccable adherence without causing irritation, making it the perfect choice for a makeup look that remains fresh throughout the day. Rolling smoothly with soft powder and plant-derived oil, it provides a seamless application without any powder fallout. The inclusion of Lecithin-coated powder ensures smooth blending, eliminating any risk of clumping and providing a silky application experience. Additionally, micro-sized hybrid particles guarantee seamless blending, while silicone-coated powder delivers a luxuriously smooth finish. Enriched with skin-friendly ingredients that mimic the skin's natural barrier, it offers hydration and a gentle, non-irritating feel while locking in moisture. What truly sets it apart is its unwavering commitment to using exclusively natural ingredients, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, and it is currently undergoing certification by the Korean Vegan Certification Authority.