What are Ceramides in Skincare?

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Ceramides are the star skincare ingredient. It has stayed that way for the past few years. We often use Ceramides in Dr.Althea products. Specifically Ceramide-3 or Ceramide NP, a ceramide that moisturizes the skin. But, what are Ceramides anyways? Why are there different Ceramides? And what does it do for our skin? Ceramides are lipids that our skin naturally produces. We can find Ceramides in 50% of our skin structure meaning there's never too many Ceramides in skincare. Ceramides are a multi-talented team player. There are anti-aging properties, moisturizing properties, and protective properties. Ceramides can be found in our Amino Acid Gentle Bubble Cleanser, Resveratrol 345NA_Intensive Repair Cream, Azulene 147HA_Intensive Soothing Cream, Dr.Althea Double Serum Balm Foundation, Recovery Solution 2 Step Mask, and Squalane Ampoule Treatment Mask.

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Ceramides work best with antioxidants and skin-restoring ingredients! We weren't kidding when we said it was multi-talented. That's why we paired Ceramide 3 with Niacinamide in the Resveratrol 345NA_Intensive Repair Cream, and peptides in the Azulene 147HA_Intensive Soothing Cream and Balm Foundation.


Ceramides are especially great for our skin as we age. Our skin starts to lose Ceramides which weakens our skin, ages it and leaves it feeling dry.


What do you think? Have you tried Ceramides in your skincare products? Let us know in the comments. ore prepared to take on stress rather than staying awake and reveling in it.


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