The Self-Care Series: Self-Care as a Habit Part 1

Before We Go On


Self-care started off as a trend. Now, it has grown beyond that, with its' expiry date extended for as long as we need. Self-care has become one of the core lenses our society operates in. As we change the way we treat ourselves, and we take inventory on the way we treat others. The idea, seemingly absurd to those who don't need to be told to take care of themselves, has become relevant to the lonely and stressed Millennials and Gen Z's. It is no coincidence that these generations face over stimulation in every interaction - leaving behind negative emotions that seems like it can only be solved by self-indulgence. On the opposite end, partaking in self-care and self-love has become a major part of many lives because it counters that unhealthy cycle. And contrary to the belief that self-care Like many healthy habits, creating a self-care habit that is suitable for you and your lifestyle takes time, discipline, and consistency. All of which are difficult and make the act of indulging for a quick fix, even more appealing. But resisting the temptation can improve so many aspects of your life - think of it as a domino effect of good things: once you clear up space in your mind, feel stronger, and feel rejuvenated - it gives you the opportunity to approach all things in life in a better state of being. 
Yet, with all the benefits comes with a difficult but rewarding process. Starting the habit can be a difficult process. Which is why we have rounded up a few pointers on how to approach self-care as a habit. Instilling self-care as a habit makes it an easy practice.
Like any new habit its good to start small, instead of overthrowing the structure of your day, change the moments in between. Being mindful and present is a good way to start self-care as it forces us to find the parts of us that need attention. It can be something as simple as a lack of sleep to lack of self-compassion. To start this - we can all take a short moment out of your day to take note of how our body, mind, and soul feels. 
This is a good starting point - next week we will get into specific activities we can do for self-care. But, simply starting small and making it a habit is half the journey. 

Next Up: What is Cystic Acne?


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