The Uncanny Foe: Removing Makeup Before Bed

After a long day, you're looking forward to taking off your shoes, plopping onto your bed and snuggling into your sheets. That sounds like a great plan, after all you did have a strenuous day at work, but you forgot one thing. And that one thing is removing your makeup.

At Dr. Althea, we emphasize removing makeup before bed, no matter how lazy or tired you feel. Of course we have those days, but it's super crucial to make sure that your skin is able to breathe through the night. These are some reasons as to why you need to remove your makeup.

1. Breaking Out

After waking up from your full-makeup slumber, you might wake up to a sight of acne. That's because most makeup products contain oil. If you keep your makeup on overnight, the oils in the makeup will seep through your pores. This then causes your pores to clog and eventually form acne. Yikes!

2. Your Skin Won't Bring Out Your Glow

Ever noticed that your skin looked dull after a night of not removing makeup? That's because makeup hinders the skin's regeneration process. Your skin regenerates every night, giving you a beautiful glow in the morning. To speed up the process, you need to actively cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize regularly. 

3. You Might Get an Infection

You're at risk for a skin or eye infection if you don't remove your makeup before bed. Particles from eyeliner or mascara can get into the eye, which may cause anything from mild itchiness or irritation, to an infection. We don't want that! If your skin already has abrasions, say from popping acne from the day before, then you are at significant risk at getting a skin infection because it's already so vulnerable to pathogens. 

So, are you going to remove makeup before bed? We know how tempting it is to just slip into deep slumber, but one day of laziness can cause a multitude of problems down the line. While you're cleansing, we hope that you also do your nightly skincare routine! 


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