Squalane VS Squalene- What's the Difference?

Did you know that squalane and squalene are actually different? Squalane and squalene are essentially the same compound. However, the difference subtly lies within the "a" and the "e". Squalene is basically the natural form of squalane, where the compounds are highly unstable. This means it is not ideal for the skin. Instead, squalene goes through a scientific process to make it into squalane, which is a stable compound suitable for skincare. Therefore, for the rest of the article, we will address it as squalane instead of squalene.

We'll walk you through on what the compound does exactly, who it's suitable for and where it derives from.

What is squalane?

Squalane is a non-comedogenic lipid compound that is suitable for a multitude of skin concerns. It is a good moisturizer, soother for red or inflamed skin that is also suitable for sensitive skin. This means squalane is an all-rounder: they are suitable for pretty much any skin type. It's suitable for all skin types because our skin sebum is naturally made up of about 12% squalane. If this didn't sound appealing enough, squalane is fragrance-free as well. Sounds like a miracle, right? 


Who is squalane good for?

Squalane can be used for all ages, but it is typically recommended to use from your 20's. Although our skin naturally produces squalane, the levels start to gradually decrease. From around your 30's, your natural squalane levels drop even more. Hence, it is important to supplement the skin with what you are lacking in. 

In addition, squalane is most optimal for dry and mature skin. It isn't a lie that squalane is suitable for all skin types, but dry skin types tend to benefit most from it. There has been some anecdotal evidence that squalane alleviates skin concerns such as eczema and psoriasis.  

Where does squalane derive from?

Squalane derives from three main different sources: shark liver, olives and rice bran. In order to extract squalane, sharks were used before. However, as times are changing, shark-derived squalane is becoming rare in the cosmetics market due to ethical concerns. Hence, at Dr. Althea, we use squalane that derives from rice bran and olives to abide by ethical guidelines. 

What products contain squalane?

Dr. Althea's Premium Squalane Sheet Mask is one of our best-selling sheet masks. Containing 5 sheet masks per box, the mask is able to deliver hydration and lock it in the skin for a subtle glow. Recommended for dry skin.


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