Skincare for the Normal Skin Type

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Many internet resources on skincare are tailored for all skin types except normal skin. For good reason, true normal skin rarely experiences any skin concerns. There are no blemishes, damaged skin, dry skin, or excess sebum. It’s kind of why normal skin isn’t discussed or written about often. So, for those with normal skin who want to take care of their skin with skin care products - it might be more challenging to discover what works for you. Even with blessed normal skin, it doesn’t mean everything works well with your skin. 

For normal skin, you can start off by noticing if there are any minor skin concerns you may occasionally experience. If so you can start off by looking at mild and gentle products that target the skin concern. Since your skin is naturally doing a great job it might be best to invest in products that target skin concerns caused by your environment - for example, if you travel a lot you may want a hydrating or moisturizing focused routine. But, if nothing noticeable comes up then you can focus on hydrating and cleansing the skin.

We treat normal skin like sensitive skin because we don’t want to add too much to healthy skin. Look for the same things someone with sensitive skin might look for, paraben-free, light-weight, gentle, fragrance-free, and easy to absorb. Like we mentioned before, you may want to look for products that allow the skin to maintain it’s moisture and cleanliness. 

With masking - if that’s something you want to do you can look for brightening, hydrating, gently exfoliating, anti-aging and so on. Make sure the mask is not too strong for your skin and maintains your skin health rather than irritating your skin. 


For starters, the Dr.Althea Premium Intensive line is perfect for normal to dry skin. It’s focused on maintaining the skin’s health. 

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