How to Actually Stop Touching Your Face

Before We Go On


Since the beginning of time, humans have struggled with this… we could go that route and in some ways it’s true. It is really hard not to touch your face. Not touching your face, is the main piece of advice given by and to anyone who cares about flawless skin. It’s one thing to say “don’t touch your face” but a whole other thing to stop. Yes, a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer can really do your skin some good but there are many non-product related ways to treat your skin well. One of those would be to keep your hands away from your skin. Today, we’ll be getting into how to undo the habit of touching your face because it’s really not doing our skin any good. 

1. Keep them busy, and away from your face. 

It’s a simple rule! If your hands are away from your face and occupied then they can’t touch your face. Maybe this is the time when constantly being on social media might be helpful or just keep your dirty hands in your pockets!

2. Be conscious of any attempts.

A lot of the times our hands end up on our face - picking and popping pimples because we simply didn’t pay attention. Habits have a way of sneaking in when you’re not mindful. So stay connected and watch out for when those hands start to come close. 

3. Remember why you shouldn’t.

It might help to list off all the reasons why you’re working so hard to break this habit in the first place! Maybe you want blemish-free healthy skin, or you’re tired of irritating your skin - whatever is motivating you is what you need to put to use! Want clear, dewy skin? Well, keeping your hands out of the way is a really good place to start. You can do it! 



It takes a while to break a habit like this but it’ll be well worth it in the long run. Your skin is one of your largest organs - so treat it well. Treat yourself gently and with care! You’ll love the results and your face will hurt a lot less! Promise. 

Good luck!

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