Skin Care Basics: Skin Care Steps and Why They Matter

Before We Go On 

If you're completely new to skincare and can't seem to get into the habit of completing your entire routine - the best way to instill a habit is to know why you're doing it in the first place! Skincare seems like a hassle imposed onto you by your peers. But, there's a good reason why skincare is so important. Clean, healthy skin equals better makeup application and healthier skin in general. So before you rule out skincare and give up on it as a habit here are the steps you should never skip and why.

Cleansing (or Double Cleansing)

Cleansing daily, and even double cleansing (daily) is the key to healthier skin. Cleansers remove build-up, boosts hydration and helps maintain clear skin. It helps makeup products, and skincare products work better as well. 


Toner is a great follow up to cleansing, it rebalances your skin, and preps it for any goodies you're about to put on it after. This could be a mask, serum, and or an ampoule. Of course to top everything off there is the moisturizer - which we'll talk more about in the last step. 


Moisturizing is important for maintaining your skin health. Not just applying moisturizer to your skin but ensuring you're not damaging your skin with hot showers, while using a humidifier, and drinking more water for better health.

Not convinced yet? Implement this type of mindfulness and care to your skincare for a month - we promise you'll see a difference! 

Need help building a skincare routine? We have you covered - whether it's 3 steps, 5 steps, or 10 steps. Take a look at the best method for you.

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