Dr.Althea's Pro Lab Series - All New Multi-Action Infusion Serum

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If you're looking for travel-friendly skin care then the Multi-Action Serums will be something you might want to consider. Each package is measured out for a single-use, meant for consistent daily use. This way every use ensures you're using enough serum, not too much or too little. This single packaging method also allows the serum to be easily taken on the go. So, if you're a busy traveler or just someone who's always on the go - these Multi-Action Serums might just help you and your skin out. The Multi-Action Infusion Serum is made with natural ingredients including 66 active ingredients. The Multi-Action Infusion Serum boosts fibrocytes and collagen production and increases cellular protection. The serum is highly moisturizing and increases skin cell turnover rate for healthy and youthful-looking skin. Expect a long-lasting healthy glow after the 2-month period.

The highlight active ingredients include 20 Amino Acids & 9 Peptides, Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, and Multiex BSASM. 20 Amino Acids & 9 Peptides is a cocktail of Amino acids and Peptides work together to boost collagen production while providing the skin with nutrients for fibrocytes, Fibrocytes has the ability to repair any skin damage, shortens the skin regeneration cycle to create firmer, elastic looking skin faster. Hydrolyzed Pea Protein (Eternal P) is the protein encourages collagen production and repairs cell damage. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient to protect and soothe sensitive skin. Overall, it creates firmer, youthful-looking skin while providing moisture for silky, smooth skin. Multiex BSASM is a special patented ingredient that is highly safe and effective in acne treatment. It contains 7 plant extracts that soothe and calm the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and has the ability to gently cleanse the skin from any toxins and external stressors. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.


This serum brightens the skin and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and acne scars as it slows melanin formation. The multiex BSASM, a plant mixture, is specifically designed to improve the skin’s natural healing abilities. It is also perfect for strengthening the skin’s natural barrier to protect the skin from environmental toxins (such as pollution). Each bag retails for $36 and contains 56 single-use packets of serum. We recommend using a packet a day consistently to see ideal, long term results. 


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Dr. Althea Pro Lab series is made to effectively solve our consumers’ skin concerns. This includes tired skin due to external stressors, sensitive skin, and weakened skin functions. The development process involves specialists who conduct extensive research on the safe formulation of skin care products. Dr.Althea believes that perfect products start with pure ingredients. Pro Lab researchers focus on helping our customers achieve optimal skin health using natural substances in specially formulated skincare. Products feature Resveratrol, Squalane, Azulene, Amino acids, and more. Each formula is thoroughly tested and trialed. The products are carefully created for cleansing, detoxifying, and hydrating the skin. While simultaneously preventing signs of aging, and improving primary skin functions. At the core of the Pro Lab products, is the intention to return the skin to its original immaculate state as if an in-person specialist treated the consumer’s skin. You can shop Pro Lab here. 


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the best ever serum in the world i love love love it!!!!! highly recommended

Mariam Khadim May 25, 2020

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