Post-Halloween Nighttime Skincare Routine How-to

Need help reviving your skin after a long night out? Want to help your skin heal after getting home from a Halloween party? What steps can you take to bring your skin back to life? We will help you put together the best nighttime skincare routine for your tired-out skin!

Imagine you just got home after a wild night out on the town as a, masked, vampire and even though you had fun, you are SO done!  And, so is your skin. So, you drag yourself to the bathroom to begin your lazy skincare routine. Good for you! You have already gotten over the most in-your-face hurdle of them all! Now what?

We’ve got you. Just keep reading!


First Step: Cleansing.

Make sure to start off your routine by removing the piles of gunk on your face. It’s as simple as grabbing your cleansing water or foam cleanser or whatever it is you enjoy. (We’ve got options for you with this too!) Make sure to gently remove your makeup using a cotton pad so as not to upset your already worn out skin. Double cleansing is probably a good idea after a night out all dressed up! We recommend you try out our Ultra Gentle Cleansing Water then follow that up with our Bubble Cleanser to really make sure every little microscopic particle of makeup is gone. Also, I mean, bubbles are fun! Shouldn’t be too bad!

Second Step: Toner/Serum.

The next step is toner and or serum. We recommend that you try a moisturizing toner, not just any old toner that dries out your skin! Our Intensive Essence Toner will help your skin maintain a healthy pH and help get rid of irritation. It’s a moisture-packed toner and will make your skin glow! Also, it easily glides onto the skin. You want to use a product that has moisture boosting hyaluronic acid in it for full plumping action while you get your beauty sleep. (If you’re looking for products full of hyaluronic acid, check out our Hydration boosting serum!)

Third Step: Eye Cream.

Make sure to include the delicate skin around your eyes while getting ready for bed! After taking off all of that heavy eye makeup, this area is just begging for relief. Did you know? Even something as simple as an eye cream with no properties other than to moisturize can really help make you look more awake with daily use. Just make sure not to go overboard with how much you use. You only need a very small drop of product. Try our Eyeconic Eye Serum!

Fourth Step: Treatment (Essence, ampoule, mask, etc.)

This is the step where you get to be a bit creative depending on what it is your skin needs. You can add a skin soothing ampoule or a skin firming serum, whatever area it is you want to target!  Or you could add in a brightening ampoule like our Natural Radiance Essence.

Fifth Step: Moisturizer.   

Last but certainly NOT least, drench your skin in moisture. This step is so important because it helps lock in not only moisture, but also all of the other luscious products you applied before. It is recommended that you use a cream that contains lipids, hyaluronic acid and other things your skin is working hard to replenish while you sleep. We’ve got you covered morning and night with our Resveratrol and Azulene creams! Our resveratrol cream has a thick and cooling formula that will help fill in wrinkles and soothe your skin. (getting rid of pesky redness) And our Azulene cream will help calm irritation overnight.


You feeling human again, yet? Don’t worry, I’m sure by tomorrow you’ll be back to your usual, well-rested and glowing self.



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