Ingredient Spotlight: Centella Asiatica Extract

Looking for a new, exciting and effective ingredient to add to your skincare routine? Look no further! Try adding products that contain this skin superhero. The ingredient of the month for this November is… Centella Asiatica Extract! This will most likely be a new one for you, but for your skin’s sake, you might want to get close with it. Read on if you’d like to find out what this miracle worker can do for you!

Centella Asiatica is actually an ancient herb that has been used throughout the centuries to treat all manner of conditions. It used to be used as a medicine to treat digestive issues and fever, as well as mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. These days, it is often used in skincare!


1.) Healing powers:

Help treat and get rid of irritating skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. Talk about a triple threat, huh! If you add products with this natural extract into your routine on the daily, your skin will look less irritated and will actually have the chance to heal. For those who suffer from acne, Centella Asiatica speeds up the healing process which helps to prevent those annoying acne scars. It is even taken as a medication to help improve circulation and reduce swelling, both of which help to improve the look of one’s skin as well! This improvement of circulation also helps reduce the severity of both cellulite and stretch marks.

Centella Asiatica Extract is also known to have antibacterial properties! I know, we were stunned too. Yes, not only does this extract help you keep your skin radiant and healthy, it also helps to fight off bacteria that may try to enter through your skin!


2.) Calming Properties:

Did you know that Centella Asiatica is one of the main ingredients in popular Korean Cica creams? It is popular for a reason. Especially with pollution becoming more common and widespread these days, soothing skincare is becoming more and more of a necessity. Centella Asiatica helps calm down the feeling of itching and burning and other symptoms associated with irritated sensitive skin. Those of us with sensitive skin have to be especially careful when choosing new skincare products for ourselves. You never know what will upset your skin. This is one ingredient that shouldn’t strike fear into the hearts of those with sensitive skin. It is here to soothe!


3.) Anti-Aging Properties:

Another added bonus, this natural extract helps reduce the signs of aging without the use of any harsh chemicals. Pretty amazing, huh! It has even been used to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins. This extract helps boost the production of collagen, and because the amount of collagen produced by the skin decreases with age, this is helpful in the fight against aging. Collagen helps to keep your skin elastic which helps prevent the formation of wrinkles. 


4.) UVB Protection:

We always recommend using a high SPF sunscreen to finish off your morning routine. But even then, we can’t deny that Centella Asiatica is also effective at blocking your skin from the negative effects of UVB rays! It can’t hurt to have this natural powerhouse extract helping to protect your skin from the sun along with your sunscreen.

Another exciting thing about this natural extract is that many of our products have been infused with it. For example, our Premium Intensive Essence Lotion, Oasis Soothing Mask, and Relief Essence all contain Centella Asiatica. Try adding one of these products containing this magic extract to your skincare routine today!


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