Ingredient Spotlight: Chitosan

The magical ingredient of the month for this December is one that might be new to many of you... Chitosan! It is a natural ingredient that helps fight the signs of aging and helps soothe your skin. Many Dr.Althea products actually contain this skincare powerhouse as well so while telling you all about what it can do, read on if you also want to know which Dr.Althea products can help you familiarize yourself with Chitosan

⭐Anti-Aging Powerhouse

First of all, Chitosan is a natural when it comes to fighting the signs of aging. It helps stimulate the cell regeneration process which slows down significantly as you age. The skin tends to take on a rougher appearance because the cell turnover process takes much more time. Adding products with this magical ingredient into your routine can help slow down the aging process significantly.

Let’s start off this Chitosan infused haul with our Premium Intensive Essence Toner. Usually when you think of toners, watery and rather ineffective products probably come to mind, but our Essence Toner is a new kind of product. It is light and yet quick absorbing to help deliver soothing moisture effectively to your skin. It helps stimulates skin regeneration which in turn, gives you more plump, younger-looking skin!

Enhances the permeability of other Ingredients

A super interesting fact about Chitosan is that it can help your other products, especially antioxidant rich ones absorb quicker which enhances their effects. Try adding our Premium Intensive Essence Lotion into your routine to help with this. It has a super unique, gel-like texture but isn’t sticky and helps to soothe your skin. It even helps reduce the appearance of redness. It is a light but effective product that will help your other products absorb into the skin!

Anti-Bacterial Effects

Another impressive benefit of using Chitosan is that it has antibacterial properties. This means it helps fight off as well as prevent the formation of acne and keeps your skin healthy. It helps treat irritating common skin conditions such as eczema and prevents inflammation as well. We recommend adding our Multi-Action Repair Serum into your routine. It contains a lot of this powerhouse ingredient and will help heal your skin from the inside out. Not to mention the fact that it comes in travel-friendly size pouches that make it convenient to bring with you when you travel if you need.

Boosts the Production of Collagen

As I’m sure many of you know, collagen plays a rather important role when it comes to fighting the signs of aging. As we age, the amount of collagen in our body decreases with time. Collagen helps keep our skin elastic and helps prevent the formation of wrinkles. Chitosan naturally boosts the body’s production of collagen which in turn turns back the clock on our skin. If you want to treat your skin to some collagen infused Chitosan, the next product we would recommend is another travel-friendly one, our Premium Intensive Essence Mask. This mask deeply hydrates and helps smooth out rough skin. It helps to repair any damage to the skin leaving you with a natural glow. It also comes in portable mini individual pouches too so you can bring it with you and keep your skin soothed and happy on the go.

Immune System Enhancement

Last but not least, Chitosan, our magic ingredient of the month helps boost one’s immune system. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it helps prevent skin diseases and boosts your immune systems ability to fight off infections. I think it might be time to get to know Chitosan a bit better!

We’ll finish off our Chitosan-infused skincare haul for the day with our super dewy Double Serum Balm Foundation! It is a unique kind of cushion foundation that has a silky creamy texture. It leaves your skin with a natural cover and contains a large amount of essence which keeps your skin from looking cakey or dried out. I know that’s always been my problem anyways. Well, finally you can say goodbye to drying foundation!


Chitosan is a pretty impressive ingredient, huh ❤ If you're on the hunt for some new skincare products that contain innovative yet effective ingredients, try adding our Chitosan infused products into your daily routine.

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