Decorate your skin: Cushion Edition

I can't be the only one who is seriously looking forward to Christmas! Why not treat yourself to a flawless, glowy complexion this holiday. Make it sparkle this year. Drench your skin in hydration and give yourself the perfect holiday glow.

We will give you the lowdown on our foundation cushions so that you can get the perfect dewy natural cover this Holiday season. Whether you like a high-coverage, flawless skin-making foundation so you can stand out at the holiday party, or a skincare-makeup hybrid cushion, so you can drench your skin in nutrients, we've got you. Or, if a subtle "no-makeup makeup" look is what you're going for, we have the glow-maker for you as well! Treat yourself or a loved one to flawless skin this Holiday season. Read on to find out more.

1.) Double Serum Balm Foundation

This is a unique one for those who want a more healing, soothing foundation that lasts. Our Double Serum Balm Foundation doubles as a skincare product and is full of powerful yet gentle natural ingredients such as Chitosan, Ceramide and even Baobab Tree Extract! It helps fight the signs of aging and reduces the appearance of fine lines, as well as helping the skin to build a water barrier. 

It is also rather unique thanks to it's marbled formula. Each color has a different function: white moisturizes, lilac brightens and tones, and beige provides a natural cover.

2.) Swing Mirror Cushion

This is an exciting one that just came out! If you’re like me, and love unique designs and using tints on the regular, this one is for you. Our Swing Mirror Cushion, is a twist-to-open 3-in-1 cushion that has an external mirror for easy application on the go, as well as two natural tints! The tints are a natural pink and orange color and act as both a blush, and a lip tint. The foundation itself has an oil-moisturizing layer that  keeps you mess free all day, or all Christmas party long.

3a.) Aurora Cover Cushion

If you’re looking for a full-cover natural looking foundation, this is the one for you. It helps control the production of sebum, will help protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays and is long-lasting. It contains 60% essence as well which will help keep your skin from looking cakey, as we all know that is the absolute worst! It even contains Centella Asiatica Extract, aka Cica, as I am sure it is more well-known as, which helps heal skin irritation and soothes upset skin.

3b.) Aurora Cover Cushion Moisture

Think of our Aurora Cover Cushion, but even better. This cushion contains 10% more super hydrating essence for a more dewy, natural, no-where-near drying cover. The special Mochi-cushion captures the foundation in the middle of the sponge which reduces oxidation and helps preserve the original state of the foundation for a glossy look. This is the perfect choice for those who need an extra boost of hydration so they can glow all night this Holiday season.

Make your skin sparkle this Christmas! Dab on whichever cushion speaks to you, and get glowing! 🎄

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