Glass Skin Tips & Tricks

I am sure by now many of you have heard of the Glass Skin Trend. I know I have always longed for the gorgeous, dewy complexions of my favorite kdrama stars. But what is “glass skin” really? And how can you achieve that gorgeous glow yourself? Read on for glass skin glow tips that you might never have even thought of before.

💙 Double Cleansing

First, we start off with an often-overlooked part of your skincare routine, cleansing! No matter how tired out you are, make sure to cleanse before you go to bed every single day. Keeping your makeup on causes your pores to clog at a much quicker rate and is terrible for your skin. Let your skin breathe at night! For a deep clean, we recommend you try a double cleanse. The first cleanse can be a water or an oil cleanse depending on what it is your skin seems to enjoy more.

For the second cleanse, we recommend a foam cleanser like our super gentle Bubble Cleanser. The nanobubbles penetrate deep into your pores and help get rid of any impurities your skin absorbed during the day. Plus, they are super fun to use!

💙 The Addition of these Skin Superheroes

We recommend using natural, gentle ingredients rather than harsh acids or retinols too when it comes to trying to get glass skin. The goal of glass skin is to protect your skin’s barrier and to not break it down in any way. The first skin superhero is Centella Asiatica Extract or Cica. It was used in ancient times in medicine and even does wonders for your skin. It helps treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The next ingredient we recommend adding into your routine is Adenosine. It is an anti-aging powerhouse that will help reduce fine lines and soothe irritated skin all at the same time. Last but not least, we recommend an antioxidant rich cream. Antioxidants act as skin brightening agents and even help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Grab one or all of these new skin superheroes and you’ll be on your way to glowy glass skin!

💙 Moisturizing Tips

This one seems so simple you probably didn’t really think about it, but it is so important! Make sure you are staying hydrated as well as your skin. Drinking enough water on the daily will help protect your skin’s elasticity which in turn has anti-aging effects. Maintaining elasticity helps keep skin supple and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Another tip that honestly might surprise you is to always wash your face with cool rather than hot water. Hot water completely drains your skin of moisture which is the opposite of what we want when it comes to trying to achieve glass skin. Last but not least, make sure you seal in all your skincare products with a good moisturizer! We recommend our Azulene Soothing night cream or our Resveratrol, antioxidant-rich moisturizer. They both have an ointment type texture that helps the product absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling plump.


I know I am not the only one who loves a good sun kissed glow, but honestly, tanning just isn’t worth the damage it’ll do to your skin. Sun damage causes the formation of wrinkles and sun spots. Not only that, but prolonged exposure to UV rays wears on your skin and breaks down it’s barrier when our goal is to build it up!  Even if you are not a fan of sunscreens, so many come with toning and brightening qualities now that it might just make you glow even more. Plus, healthy skin is beautiful skin.

And, there you go! You are now holding all of the tools you need to achieve that lovely bright glass skin glow you’ve always longed for. Try out some of these tricks!

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