Dr.Althea's Pro Lab Series - All New Dr.Althea Double Serum Balm Foundation

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Our Aurora cushions have been our one and only foundation that we recommend - uniquely made with a Mochi-cushion. With two types to choose from: the classic Aurora Cover Cushion or the Aurora Cover Cushion Moisture. But, if your not a fan of the Aurora cushions or cushions, in general, we have a new proposition for you (even our intern raved about it). It's the perfect base for that 'no make up luminous healthy glow'. On top of that, it doubles as a skincare product and adds extra moisture and protection to the skin. The Dr.Althea Double Serum Balm Foundation comes in a slim, lightweight rose gold case, with Dr.Althea blue top. It comes with a refill and two cushions in total. The applicator is thinner than that traditional cotton applicator, it's less porous which makes sense for this balm foundation. Unlike cushions you do not need to press the applicator into the product, for the Double Serum Balm Foundation you just need to swirl the applicator in the pod to pick up moisture, brightening and foundation product. You can gently press the applicator into your skin for flawless, and radiant skin.  

What really makes this an amazing foundation are the natural ingredients that take care of your skin: Chitosan, Ceramide NP, and Adansonia are all found in the Dr.Althea Double Serum Balm Foundation. Chitosan is suitable for any type of skin, especially sensitive skin. It is a natural moisturizing function, as its’ molecular structure is like our own natural sebum. It has shown excellent results with improving skin regeneration, skin immune system enhancement, anti-aging, and anti-bacterial functions. Ceramide is the main substance that consists of approximately 50% of the skin and forms a skin barrier. It protects the skin from the primary microorganism infection by forming a protective shield. It also improves acne and inflammatory skin with PH balance control and moisture evaporation prevention. Baobab Tree extract, also known as Adansonia, contains antioxidants and is excellent for slowing cellular aging. It also contains vitamin C and polyphenol, an ingredient known to be effective with anti-aging, and will help to improve the overall condition of the skin.

In addition to the skincare effect, it also minimizes wrinkles and fine lines. Chitosan and Baobab Tree Extract are well-known ingredients for anti-aging. With SPF 50+ / PA +++ to protect the skin from harmful UVB/UVA. The product strengthens the cell renewal functions to offer firm and wrinkle-free skin. The Dr.Althea Double Serum Balm Foundation retails for $36 and comes with two refills (12g each). It comes in two shades: 21 (Rose Ivory) and 23 (Natural Beige).  

This foundation has quite sheer but the coverage is build-able which allows for a more natural look. So if you love your freckles it won't cover it up or if you want to cover a blemish you just need to add another layer for extra coverage. The skin truly does look luminous and the more product you layer the more radiant it looks. Something really great about this foundation is you can virtually skip your highlighter because it has a luminous component built-in (the lilac marbling). It gives a very glossy, healthy glow to your skin. It does not clump or cake because of how moisturizing the formula is. It doesn't damage your skin and you won't even notice that you're wearing foundation. 

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Dr. Althea Pro Lab series is made to effectively solve our consumers’ skin concerns. This includes tired skin due to external stressors, sensitive skin, and weakened skin functions. The development process involves specialists who conduct extensive research on the safe formulation of skin care products. Dr.Althea believes that perfect products start with pure ingredients. Pro Lab researchers focus on helping our customers achieve optimal skin health using natural substances in specially formulated skincare. Products feature Resveratrol, Squalane, Azulene, Amino acids, and more. Each formula is thoroughly tested and trialed. The products are carefully created for cleansing, detoxifying, and hydrating the skin. While simultaneously preventing signs of aging, and improving primary skin functions. At the core of the Pro Lab products, is the intention to return the skin to its original immaculate state as if an in-person specialist treated the consumer’s skin. You can shop Pro Lab here

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