Dr.Althea's Pro Lab Series - All New Dr.Althea Ultra Gentle Cleansing Water

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Cleansing water may not be a completely new concept but if you love either our Amino Acid Gentle Bubble Cleanser or Dr.Althea Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Bubble O2 Mask but like the concept of a double cleanse - we've created cleansing water that will go perfectly with the two. The Dr.Althea Ultra Gentle Cleansing Water comes in a chic matte plastic bottle. The cleansing water itself has a floral tea scent thanks to the natural ingredients found in the formula (no fragrance added). It is a cruelty-free product and is super safe for all skin types to use even sensitive skin. It's ideal to first use the cleansing water to wipe off makeup and dirt from the day and then follow up with a foaming cleanser for a deeper clean. The cleansing water doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped of its' natural moisture. It'll leave your skin feeling clean, and moisturized.

The Ultra Gentle Cleansing Water is full of goodies like Trehalose, Euglena Gracilish Extract, and Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract. Trehalose is a component strong enough to maintain the life of desert plants by protecting the moisture inside the cells. It is not only effective in moisture supply but also in nutrient supplement, hyperpigmentation and acne improvement, and cell regeneration. Euglena Gracilis Extract is a unicellular micro-algae, most commonly found in freshwater. It is a plant-based natural ingredient that enhances the skins' metabolism and promotes skin repair and cell production.  It revitalizes, soothes, and purifies the skin, making it an ideal ingredient for damaged and sensitive skin. Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract also known as white water lily, Nymphaea Alba Flower extract is for soothing inflamed and irritated skin. It is ideal for sensitive skin types or skin that is exposed to external stressors. This natural ingredient can reduce the skin temperature which calms inflamed skin and redness. It can also lower irritation caused by chemical acids like AHA or BHA.


The main use is to gently cleanse the skin and remove any makeup. The cleansing water is a light watery formula that is able to penetrate deep into the skin to remove dirt and other debris. There's no stickiness or discomfort after using it but your skin will feel very soft. The Xylitylglucoside, anhydroxylitol, and xylitol work together to deliver moisturizing ingredients deep into the skin while removing impurities. Dr. Althea Ultra Cleansing Water blocks moisture from evaporating from the skin by building the skins’ natural barrier. It comes in a beautiful rectangular bottle with 310mL / 10.48 fl.oz of product and retails for $18. 


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Dr. Althea Pro Lab series is made to effectively solve our consumers’ skin concerns. This includes tired skin due to external stressors, sensitive skin, and weakened skin functions. The development process involves specialists who conduct extensive research on the safe formulation of skin care products. Dr.Althea believes that perfect products start with pure ingredients. Pro Lab researchers focus on helping our customers achieve optimal skin health using natural substances in specially formulated skincare. Products feature Resveratrol, Squalane, Azulene, Amino acids, and more. Each formula is thoroughly tested and trialed. The products are carefully created for cleansing, detoxifying, and hydrating the skin. While simultaneously preventing signs of aging, and improving primary skin functions. At the core of the Pro Lab products, is the intention to return the skin to its original immaculate state as if an in-person specialist treated the consumer’s skin. You can shop Pro Lab here.

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