Amino Acids? What is that?

Before We Go On


Amino acids are mentioned in skincare all the time, and if not mentioned explicitly, it sure is found in skincare all the time (whether we realize it or not). Even though we might see them everywhere in skincare, what exactly are amino acids? First of all, amino acids are an NMF (natural moisturizing factor), meaning your body naturally produces amino acids. 

There are a variety of amino acids, about 20 known to be exact. Within the 20, it can be further categorized as essential and non-essential. There is 8 essential which can only be obtained through food, and the rest are non-essential, which means our body has the ability to produce them depending on the state it's in. Regardless, with amino acids the more the better for your skin. Amino acids are apart of the building blocks to healthy skin, in fact, it is apart of the building blocks to all proteins. It hydrates, smooths, and firm the skin. Often leaving the skin feeling supple and healthy since it contributes to the production of collagen and elastin. Amino acids can be derived from animals, plants, or synthetically produced. Let’s get into each different type of Amino Acid!



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