Perfume Nail Treatment

Perfume Nail Treatment is designed to pamper tired hands with a relaxing touch. This roll-on treatment glides smoothlyfrom fingertips to the inside of your hands, gently rolling away tension around the nails and leaving you feeling comfortably relaxed. Packed with 3 plant-based oils and 5 flower extracts, it effortlessly takes care of everything from moisturizing to calming the skin. The subtle lavender scent helps unwind both your body and mind, while the roll-on application allows for various massages to help alleviate mental fatigue. With a blend of 8 nurturing ingredients, this high-nutrition product absorbs instantly, leaving your hands feeling fresh without any stickiness. Its compact size makes it a breeze to indulge in relaxing care whenever and wherever you need it. Plus, as a vegan formula, it's a safe choice for sensitive skin. Ideal for those dealing with hand fatigue from constant use or anyone looking to maintain the skin around their nails without any residue.