Brightening Skincare Set


Dr.Althea Brightening Skincare Basic Set

This set contains:

1. Natural Radiance Essence 30ml

2. Pure Vitamin C 50% Boosting Powder 10g

3. Power Brightening Glutathione Cream 45ml


Product Features

1) Natural Radiance Essence :

It is an essence that brightens dull skin and helps it return to its original state. It effectively helps give you clear and glowy skin. It contains 85% of Kakadu plum extract along with soothing ingredients so that it is safe to be used on sensitive skin too. It is also free from 20 toxic ingredients and can be recycled.

2) Pure Vitamin C 50% Boosting Powder :

Pure Vitamin C 50% Boosting Powder is a powder-type of vitamin C, which upgrades and maximizes the effect of your skincare. By infusing this powder into serums and creams, it allows Vitamin C to penetrate the skin and helps to brighten the skin, takes care of pores, soothes the skin and balances the pH level. 50% Vitamin C is also the ideal amount of Vitamin C that can be absorbed by the skin without irritation, so this product is suitable even for sensitive skin.

3)  Power Brightening Glutathione Cream :

Dr. Althea Power Brightening Glutathione Cream naturally brightens the skin tone not only with an instant effect but also from the deep down. It also provides intensive hydration and improves a lack of elasticity. With its mild ingredients, it is applicable to all skin type including sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and pregnant women.


SKIN TYPE: All, Normal, Dark and Dull skin, Uneven skin tone