Best Seller Vit C Serum & Relief Cream Duo Set

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Dr.Althea Best Seller Cream & Essence Duo Set

1. Vitamin C Boosting Serum 

2. 345 Relief Cream

Product Features:

1. Vitamin C Boosting Serum : 

Dr.Althea’s Vitamin C Boosting Serum is a vegan, daily care vitamin C serum that helps to improve the skin tone and restore the skin’s natural glow. This serum is made of 20% boosting complex which is a combination of 9 types of vitamins and Hyppophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract, to deliver a high level of Vitamin C to the skin, without causing any irritation.

2. 345 Relief Cream:

345 Relief Cream is a regenerating ointment gel cream rich in nutrients that skillfully combines ingredients to address blemishes, nourish the skin, and provide soothing care, resulting in a well-rounded skincare solution. This lightweight post-acne cream effectively tends to acne aftermath without a heavy feel. Its multi-layered cream structure offers a through and lasting skincare by catering to various skin needs, ensuring continuous hydration and nourishment. 

How to use: 

1. After cleansing, apply skincare products like toner first

2. Apply an adequate amount of Vitamin C Boosting serum and then 345 Relief cream as your final step