When to Switch Out Your Moisturizer

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Moisturizer, an essential of any skincare routine. When you find the right one it can do wonders for your skin like providing a boost in hydration while protecting your skin from free radicals. Moisturizers have tons of bells and whistles as well, they can brighten, repair, tone, fight acne, provide anti-aging and the list goes on! With that being said, the choices seem endless, whether you're at the department store or just browsing online. There are some tips and tricks to choosing the right moisturizer. What if you already bought one that your friend loves, your mom loves, and the whole skincare community loves but your skin doesn’t seem to. Aside from the inevitable feeling of disappointment then dread - because you realize you have to look again. Before you look for a new moisturizer, it’s time to evaluate why the current one you have isn’t working! The good news is the disappointing moisturizer, is probably telling you what kind of moisturizer you actually need. How you might be asking? Today we’ll go through the symptoms of what a *sad face* failed moisturizer might do to your skin in order to figure out what you need to look for next. Here we go.

Are You Breaking Out?

Usually, the most common symptom and the least favored out of all the others. The moisturizer you are using is too light for you! It’s time to find a lighter weight moisturizer so it doesn’t clog your pores! 

Dry Skin

Your moisturizer is too light for your skin, time to go a bit heavier. Look for denser ingredients like Shea Butter or maybe a facial oil like Rosehip Seed Oil. Your dry skin will love the nutrient-rich moisturizing ingredients. 

Stinging or Tingly Feeling

Another infamous symptom which causes unnecessary discomfort. This typically means your skin is sensitive to the moisturizer you’re using and it might be safe to revert back to a mild moisturizer. Something with a formula that won’t irritate your skin and/or is designed for sensitive skin.

Makeup is Difficult to Apply

Your makeup isn’t applying properly? Well, it’s probably because of your moisturizer. Usually, you can tell if your makeup is separating throughout the day or it rolls off your skin. It’s likely because your moisturizer is too heavy! 

Doesn’t Absorb Quickly

Like the first sign, it means the moisturizer your using is too thick for your skin. Look for a lighter option or one that is made to absorb quickly into the skin.


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