The Ampoules - Do I Really Need to Use One?

Before We Go On


Ampoules - if you’re unfamiliar with them, sounds incredibly unnecessary and expensive. But, if you look for ampoules in K beauty they’re incredibly affordable and great for targeting specific skin problems. Ampoules are super-concentrated serums with more active ingredients - ampoules are only meant to be used consistently for a certain period of time. This means it’s not something you need to be using every day. But when you do use it you should use it consistently - that’s why you’ll find our recovery or treatment ampoule and mask packs for 5-day use. But, let’s look deeper into ampoules and figure out why this is still a really great product to have or why it might not be the best for you. 

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Boot Camp or Every Few Days?

Well if we get right into it - it honestly depends on the active ingredient in the ampoule and how your skin feels about it. There may not be an absolutely correct way - everyone’s skin is different. But, a one or two-week boot camp for healing, hydrating type ampoule is generally a great idea. You’ll be giving your skin a boost and helping it heal itself. Anything intensive for your skin might be best used every few days - you don’t want to use it every day as it may be an overload of nutrients to your skin. Regardless in some sense consistency is key, if you do boot camp then you need to remember to use the ampoule every day for a week or two. But after that, you can forget about it until you need it again. To use an ampoule every few days, you’ll have to remember that you need to use it consistently from the moment you start until you decide to stop using ampoules. I should note that ampoules typically have a short lifespan which makes the latter step quite difficult. 


Ampoules - like a lot of K-beauty products, come in every shape, size, and formulation. So with the saturation of products how exactly does one pick a suitable ampoule. It’s easiest to choose by the skin concern you have. Usually, product descriptions should clearly indicate what concern it targets but if not then check the ingredient list and see if anything piques your interest! 

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Now, it’s not always right to judge a book by its cover but for ampoules, it does matter. Ampoules have a short lifespan and perform better when they are sealed well. Depending on how often you’re planning to use your ampoule some packaging methods are better than others. The biggest differences are the ampoules packaged peruse and the ones in dropper bottles. If you’re concerned about how many ampoules you’re using or the freshness of an ampoule then a single use package ampoule is perfect. If you’re looking for something you’ll use every few days and or you are comfortable with determining the proper amount of ampoule for your skin then you can go with a dropper bottle. Again it’s about picking what works best for you! 


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