Skin Care For Acne Prone Skin

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For the majority of teenagers, acne is one of the most common skin concerns. Even for adults, who suffer from adult acne. The severity and type of acne vary from person to person. You may even suffer from a variety of acne depending on what the triggers are.

We know many of you are looking for the perfect skin care routine for acne prone skin to get rid of these lovely pimples. But, of course, it's not always that easy to find out the most proper treatment or the best skin care products — there are an overwhelming amount of products claiming to “make your acne disappear” as soon as you Google "What is the best skincare for acne-prone skin?"

Today, we are here to simplify that search! We've got a skincare routine perfect for treating those difficult spots. Keep in mind, the skin is the mirror of your daily habits! 

Step 1: Ditch the bar soap, pick up a foaming cleanser!

  Dr. Althea Foaming Cleanser & Bubble O2 Mask ($18)

Almost every person in this world starts a new day by washing their handsome and/ or pretty face (whichever you prefer). If you’re absolutely new to skincare, you might have been told to that washing your face often may lead to cleaner skin. But this is a huge misconception, washing your face too many times will only irritate your skin, causing new breakouts. Instead, swap out the bar soap or extensive facial wash for a foaming cleanser that is mild and not acidic. Be aware of the ingredients used and how it affects your skin. Recently, newly developed cleansers offer oxygen jelly with foaming bubbles to gently cleanse all the impurities. Dr.Althea Foaming Cleanser & Bubble O2 Mask is highly recommended if you’re looking to try a gentle foaming cleanser. Even after rinsing it off with warm water, a water barrier remains on the skin and creates dewy, glowy complexion.


Step 2: Get fancy and use a sheet mask (pick one that soothes your blemishes).


Dr.Althea Herb Therapy Velvet Mask ($32) 

I know you’ve heard this before - especially if you’re into K-beauty, the more essence your skin gets, the better it looks. Essence is full of beneficial ingredients that are necessary for your daily skincare routine.  Not only for acne but for overall skin health. Sheet masks are one way to get your fill, it’ll make your skin radiant, plumper, more bouncy, brighter, luminous, and more hydrated in just 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a great addition to your skincare routine, thanks to its’ remarkable benefits. In addition, sheet masks add moisture back into the skin. But when it comes to inflammatory or sensitive skin, you might be hesitant about the idea of sheet masks. Don't worry, most sheet masks labeled by an authorized inspectional institute are hydrating and non-irritating. But before you go on, just give it a second to pick up the best sheet mask made for extremely sensitive skin. Dr. Althea Herb Therapy Velvet Mask contains more than 10 natural herbal ingredients for intensive hydration, calms down acne-prone skin, and improves blemishes.

Step 3: Protect! Revitalize! Hydrate! .... with the right facial cream of course. 


Dr. Althea Resveratrol 345Na – Intensive Repair Cream ($27)

To wrap up this easy skin care routine - revitalize your skin with an intensive care ointment. After all the previous work you’ll want to create a barrier to seal in the moisture and nutrients your skin soaked up.  Dr. Althea Resveratrol 345Na – Intensive Repair Cream is what you’re looking for! It is made to improve acne-prone skin and also has anti-aging effects. This will give your skin a boost to get you back to clear skin in no time!


Step 1: Wash your face, not with soap, but with a facial foaming cleanser!

Step 2: Apply a Sheet Mask to soothe blemishes on your skin.

Step 3: Protect and revitalize your face with the proper cream.

We hope this skin-care routine helps you clear up some misconceptions about acne-prone skin care! Good luck! 


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