Top 3 Korean Beauty Websites

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Korean beauty and cosmetics have been incredibly popular in the U.S. What once was a niche market has now become a permanent addition to the American beauty routine. You can now find K-beauty products in Wal Mart, Amazon, and Sephora just to name a few. It’s become such a big trend that many people are adopting the luxurious 10 Step Skin Care Routine. While the routine may be too much for people who only have 3 steps skincare routine, the results of the adopting the 10 step skin care routine is totally worth it.

Even if it is really difficult to stick to the 10 Step Skin Care Routine, you can still sneak in k-beauty products to achieve the hydrated glass skin look! Whether you switch your basic toner with essence mists or your liquid foundations with cushion compacts, there are tons of products to choose from.

I’ve been using Korean beauty since my 20's and I’m still trying new products from many different lines. There are products that are trendy but may not appeal to a hardcore skin-care junkie. So if you are really interested in taking good care of your skin and want to know which sites are worth trusting, I’ve rounded up some Korean beauty websites for you which will help you find the best K-beauty products.



1. Visit SOKO GLAM, the biggest collection of K-Beauty.

Esthetician, Charlotte Cho founded Soko Glam, the ultimate K-beauty destination, in 2012. This amazing retail giant is the best online store for a wide range of products, from skin care to nail care to makeup. You can find a lot of information on their blog, Klog. Klog explains various K-beauty products and shares K-Beauty tips and tricks. The interesting thing is that they host "Best of Korean Beauty Award-Winning product" that features the best of the best, which is a great guide for any new K-beauty fans.


2. The Facebook of the Beauty industry? FaceTory.

FaceTory, founded in 2014, is a new-to-the-market skin-care subscription service that delivers the gift of sheet masks straight to the doors of sheet mask junkies! With the monthly budget of $5, you can get a monthly subscription to the lovely Korean sheet mask collection! Once you fill out the form to officially launch your subscription to the service, it charges $4.95 on the first of each month. Then, in each month's box, you'll find a variety of skin treatments. Click here for the subscription! 

3. The Top Asian K-Beauty Online Store, YesStyle.  

It's all about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and everything else, a multi-purpose online shopping store! YesStyle has millions of beauty products from South Korea, If you’re a beauty aficionado and love to try a new trend, no matter how wild or cute, YesStyle is the best solution to lead you to the beauty heaven.



Wrapping up this post, Today we, Dr. Althea, have rounded up short but quite helpful 3 online stores from SOKO GLAM to YesStyle. At the next time, let us visit you with the more beneficial information for all your skincare routine.


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