Prepare for the Festivities: Reasons why your skin broke out during holiday season

Before We Go On

If you need a routine to combat all the fuss your skin is making during the holiday season we have that for you here. But, if you don't already know why your skin may not be having the best time during the most festive time of year we are here to explain that today! Take a look below to see what could be breaking out your skin and how to prevent it!
Gingerbread, sugar cookies and other sweet (sugar-filled) treats! 
Sugar accelerates skin aging and leaves the skin more vulnerable to external stressors like UV light, pollution, and more. Sugar causes inflammation in the body and can lead to more inflamed skin. If you're already predisposed to rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis - overindulging in sugary foods will not be ideal for you. 
Ways to avoid: Keeping tabs on how much sugar you indulge in may be beneficial for you. In addition - you may even want to swap out the sweet treats with natural sugars like fruits or vegetables. If you're looking to take the hit from all the sugary foods - you may want to treat your skin with our Herb Therapy Velvet Mask to give your skin added protection from external stresses. 
Festive alcoholic beverages 
Spiked eggnog, hot chocolate, and mulled wine maybe some of our favorite holiday beverages but not only are they all sweet, but the alcohol contents will dry out your skin. Increase alcohol intake will deprive your skin of vital nutrients and increase the tendency for a facial flush. 
Ways to avoid: Swap your typical alcoholic drink with sparkling water or a non-alcoholic alternative. If not - try using a hydrating sheet masking, like our Squalane Silk Mask to give your skin some much needed R&R. 
Late nights from all the holiday parties
Late nights ... and forgetting to remove your make up as you get home and head straight to bed! Leaving makeup on while your skin is supposed to be resting results in clogged pores which will likely cause a breakout or a few. 
Ways to avoid: Try your best to keep at least a makeup remover by your bed and at least remove your make up before falling asleep. 


Too busy preparing the parties 

On top of attending all these festivities, you may be so busy with preparing them that you slack off on your skincare routine. Also a huge no - your skin will start to act up in ways you don't want. 

Ways to avoid: There's no easy way around it if your usual skincare routine is long then shortened it to a simple three-step routine. Just cleanse, tone, and moisturize. 
Cold weather and drier air 
The already colder and drier air makes your skin prone to flaking and cracking
Ways to avoid: Combat this with a winter moisturizer - try our 345NA Resveratrol Intensive Repair Cream to improve damaged skin. It's light enough for all skin types. 
Traveling to and from home 
Lastly, you may be traveling in and out of town for the holidays. Travelling can take a toll on your skin health - especially if you're riding on an airplane. Your skin will feel dry, dehydrated, and dull. 
Ways to avoid: If you're up for its airplane sheet masking, and a face mist is a must to keep your skin happy during flights. We recommend our Premium Intensive Essence Mask - travel-friendly and easy to use! 

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