5 Ways to Invest in Your Skincare

Before We Go On

If one of your New Year's resolutions has anything to do with maintaining healthier skin - then this is the article for you. Like all things in life, good things come from a bit of effort and care. This is especially true for skincare. We've rounded up 5 things that could easily elevate your skincare and help you achieve better skin. 



Using Sheet Masks Consistently

Sheet masks elevate your skincare and can prevent or improve any of your skin concerns because of how diverse the selection is. They're easy to use and come in many price points! We recommend our Herb Therapy Velvet Mask as an easy weekly mask! 

Invest in a Sleeping Mask

If you find your skin unhappy when it gets too dry out and your winter moisturizer isn't helping - get a good thick sleeping mask. We recommend the Multi Water Drop Pack Gel for ultimate overnight moisture. 

Get a Good Every Day Serum

It's never too early to start using a good serum - good skin health mainly relies on the proper intake of moisture and a good serum will go along way! We recommend trying the Hydration Boosting Serum.  

Multi-functional Make up

 Say goodbye to just purchasing makeup for the pigment, especially foundation. Try a multi-care cushion-like our Aurora Cover Cushion Moisture for coverage, skincare, and SPF. 




Invest in a Winter Moisturizer

 Nothing says skincare expert like switching our summer moisturizer for a winter one! Try our Resveratrol 345NA or Azulene 147HA for maximum protection for drier seasons. 

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