Ask Dr.Althea: Is it Bad that I Only Moisturize Once a Day?

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Moisturizing, similar to hair washing, depends on person to person. If your skin feels good and looks good while you're moisturizing once a day then doesn't change it and keep sticking with the routine you have. Although it is traditionally recommended to moisturize morning and night (often with different products), we think that your skin would be far happier if you stuck with your schedule! With that being said if it isn't looking so great then you might want to reconsider the moisturizer or if it feels dry then we highly suggest moisturizing twice a day! 

For anyone who is considering going from twice a day to one a day - just be aware that your skin will go through a withdrawal phase. Your skin may feel oily or even break out because it noticed the lack of external hydration and to compensate will produce more sebum than usual to make up for it. After that period you can expect it becoming more accustomed to receiving additional moisture once a day. 

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