2019 K-Beauty Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Skincare Beginner

Before We Go On

We all have that friend who finds skincare to be overwhelming and difficult to tackle. In fact, we've all been there ourselves. This holiday, do your loved one a favor and give them the gift of skincare. Scroll down for our recommendations! 

1.Premium Intensive Essence Toner

Premium Intensive Essence Toner is a daily power moisturizing toner made of natural ingredients, which is rich in nutrients. The gel-type toner mainly focuses on intensive moisture supply, but also provides soothing and skin regeneration effects with fresh, non-sticky feeling. For the most effective result, it is recommended to use it with a Premium Intensive Essence Lotion.

2.Premium Intensive Essence Lotion

Premium Intensive Essence Lotion is a daily power moisturizing lotion made of natural ingredients, which is rich in nutrients. The gel-type lotion mainly focuses on intensive moisture supply, but also provides soothing and skin regeneration effect with fresh, non-sticky feeling. For the most effective result, it is recommended to use it with a Premium Intensive Essence Toner.

3.Hydration Boosting Serum 

Dr. Althea Hydration Boosting Serum boosts the effectiveness of the rest of the skincare and makeup adherence. With various kinds of moisture components and natural ingredients, it provides a healthy glow to the skin and great effects such as powerful hydration and acne-prone skin improvement.

4.Water Glow Aqua Cream

Dr. Althea Water Glow Aqua Cream is a moisturizing cream filled with powerful moisture components. As soon as it is applied, the intensive moisture and nutrients fill the skin from the bottom. Due to the mild ingredients, it is perfect for soothing the sensitive and acne-prone skin without the worries of skin breakouts or sticky feeling.

5.Premium Intensive Essence Mask 

Premium Intensive Essence Mask is a convenient essence product to provide ultimate moisture to dry and rough skin. When the silky-textured essence is applied, it spreads smoothly and instantly provides an enormous amount of silky moisture to the skin with non-sticky feeling. With its individual packaging, it is highly hygienic and convenient to use anywhere and anytime.

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