Squalane Ampoule Treatment Mask



Squalane Ampoule Treatment Mask quickly improves problematic skin conditions. Containing natural ingredients, the ampoule, and the mask sheet supply nutrients and moisture simultaneously deep down into the skin. The product helps the skin’s regenerating power and strengthens the skin barrier and its overall health.


  • Lack of firmness and elasticity improvement
  • Skin regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Improves damaged skin


Ampoule: The Squalane in the ampoule gently provides immense moisture deep down into the skin. It forms a water barrier and nourishes the skin with a light texture. Preventing the moisture from evaporating, the ampoule locks moisture in to present long-lasting hydration. Additionally, the ampoule contains Azulene and Panthenol which repairs damaged skin and helps to improve skin elasticity. By soothing inflammatory surfaces or any blemish that appears, the ampoule helps in gaining a better complexion. It is especially helpful in removing hyperpigmentation from the face allowing the skin’s surface to be smooth and clean.
Mask sheet: Made with nanotechnology, the mask sheet has high adherence abilities allowing it to stay on the face. It is also effective in nutrient delivery, by supplying nutrients deep down into the skin. Ingredients extracted by natural plants are delivered gently through nano-microfiber with the minimum irritation. The sheet soothes inflammatory skin and lowers the skin’s temperature while hydrating the skin at the same time. Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide, the two main components in the mask sheet help to absorb moisture into the skin by the escape of any moisture. The Trehalose activates cell-regeneration, rejuvenating the skin condition.


- Squalene: Squalane is famous for its moisturizing effect and its molecular structure is similar to the natural moisturizing substance created in by the human body. It activates the cells to regenerate damaged cells and forms a natural shield to protect sensitive skin.
- Azulene: Azulene is an organic compound extracted from chamomile. It is known for its rapid soothing effect in reducing inflammation in the skin. It alleviates redness from any blemish and acne and helps to have a clear complexion.
- Trehalose: Trehalose is a component strong enough to maintain the life of desert plants by protecting the moisture inside the cell. It is not only greatly effective in moisture supply but also in nutrient supply, skin pigmentation, acne improvement, and cell regeneration.