Premium Intensive Essence Lotion



Premium Intensive Essence Lotion is a daily power moisturizing lotion made of natural ingredients, which is rich in nutrients. The gel type lotion mainly focuses on intensive moisture supply, but also provides soothing and skin regeneration effect with fresh, non-sticky feeling. For the most effective result, it is recommended to use with a Premium Intensive Essence Toner.

    • Overflowing moisture supply
    • Water barrier protection and PH level control
    • Acne-prone and inflammatory skin improvement


For unique and intensive hydration, Premium Intensive Essence Lotion contains Betula platyphylla japonica juice and Pyrus malus(Apple)fruit water instead of using purified water. It shows an excellent effect in achieving clean and transparent skin by providing intensive hydration, soothing effect and PH level control with a fresh feeling. After the moisture supply, plant-derived Squalane forms a protective water barrier to keep the moisture locked in and protect the skin from harmful substances. In addition, a natural ingredient called Chitosan improves acne-prone and inflammatory skin with its skin regeneration ability and skin immunity enhancement.



Betula platyphylla japonica juice & Plant-derived Squalane : Betula platyphylla japonica juice helps to control the PH level balance and it is an excellent ingredient for sensitive skin. It is highly effective in soothing effect and moisturizing due to the substance which is similar with natural moisture component in a human body and abundant amino acid, protein and mineral. Plant-derived Squalane is famous for its moisturizing effect and it is a quite similar component to the substance created in a human body. It activates the cells to regenerate damaged cells and forms a natural shield to protect the sensitive skin. 

Chitosan & Centella asiatica extract : Chitosan is suitable for any type of skin, especially sensitive skin with its similar structure to a human body. It shows an excellent effect on skin regeneration, skin immune system enhancement, and anti-aging by anti-biotic function. Centella asiatica extract is a natural ingredient famous for its various functions. It contains Madecassoside, a principal compound in Centella, which is effective in improving acne-prone, inflammatory skin and controlling oil-water balance. Also, it shows an excellent effect in skin pigmentations, acne scars, and elasticity with its powerful skin regeneration and Collagen synthetic function within the skin.

Propolis extract : Propolis is a mixed compound of plant sap and bee’s saliva. With its abundant mineral and vitamin, it is highly effective in healing wounds, wrinkle care, moisture, and soothing effect, and skin revitalization.