Blackhead Zero 2 Step Nose Patch

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What is it?
Unlike the typical nose patch that removes blackhead in a stripping method, The Blackhead Zero 2 Step Nose Patch is a 2 step blackhead removal care that removes blackheads and excess sebum without agitating the skin, effectively soothes and minimizes enlarged pores. Accompanied by specially designed doubled tipped cotton buds. One end of the cotton bud is for swapping away residual blackhead and sebum, and the other tip is designed as an acne extractor tool.

How to use it?
[STEP 1] Sebum Softener : Dry your face after cleansing, apply over to nose areas troubled by blackheads and sebum. Remove the sheet after 10~15 minutes and gently wipe off the blackheads and sebum that have been extracted out of the pores with the cotton bud.

[STEP 2] Pore Tightening : Apply to the center of the nose and remove after 10~15 minutes. Gently pat the remaining essence for better absorption.