Anastatica Skin Conditioning Toner

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What is it? 

Dr. Althea’s Anastatica Skin-Conditioning Toner is a light, natural toner that was created using 85% extract from the Anastatica Hierochuntica plant, also known as the Rose of Jericho. The Rose of Jericho evolved so that even in the driest most desolate environments, one drop of water will bring it back to life. This toner penetrates deep into your skin and boosts hydration and elasticity. It is also made up entirely of EWG Green Grade natural extracts and is cruelty-free. It breathes life back into tired, dry and irritated skin.


How to use it?

  1. Apply a few drops of toner to a cotton pad.

  2. Tap lightly into freshly cleansed skin.

  3. Finish off your skincare routine as usual.