Prepare for the Festivities: Your Holiday Skincare Routine

Before We Go On

A new concept for myself as well - changing my skincare routine was something I never did. The first time I had heard about this was over dinner with a friend who changes her skincare routine as her menstrual cycle approaches, I wondered why that was something I never even thought about. It made perfect sense, our skin changes all the time so why don't our skincare routines follow? So, I began adjusting my skincare routine according to my lifestyle, the way my body was feeling, and the environment. With the holiday season coming up, it seems like our sugar, fat, and alcohol intake will increase, stress levels from gift shopping, plus the added dryness thanks to colder weather will all work together to do more harm than good to our skin.
Routine Changes:
To adjust to colder, drier weather, skin-damaging behavior, and the holiday activity-packed schedule. The skincare routine is simple, effective, and focuses on repair and treatment for all skin types. The routine has an added mask and ampoule for days where there is more time to upgrade the skincare routine. 




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