Azulene 147HA_Intensive Soothing Cream



Azulene 147HA - Intensive Soothing Cream is an ointment cream filled with rich nutrients. Azulene is derived from Chamomile flower oil and it is highly effective in relaxing irritated and sensitive skin. It is excellent for soothing effect, acne improvement, and facial flush.


  • Soothing effect
  • Skin barrier enhancement
  • Moisture retention capacity enhancement 


Azulene 147HA - Intensive Soothing Cream focuses on improving sensitive and flushed problematic skin. It is a perfect night care product to soothe dry and irritated skin from the outer environment during the daytime. It contains various kinds of natural ingredients such as Betaine, Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol and more. These ingredients are effective in making the skin firm and moist with its PH balance control. It helps to achieve healthy and transparent skin with a non-stimulating soothing effect.


Apart from the soothing effect, it is also highly effective in skin barrier enhancement. Ceramide, a substance that consists approximately 50% of the skin, forms and strengthens the weak skin barrier. It calms dead skin cells near chin, lips, and nose areas. It especially smoothes out the dry skin texture on cold weather.


Chamomile : As an ingredient derived from Chamomile, it is extremely effective in skin soothing, skin barrier enhancement, and skin recovery. It is commonly used for children disease or allergy treatment with its low toxicity.

Ceramide : Ceramide is the main substance that consists approximately 50% of the skin and forms a skin barrier. It protects the skin from the primary microorganism infection by forming a protective shield. It also improves acne and inflammatory skin with PH balance control and moisture evaporation prevention.

Sodium Hyaluronate : As a natural moisture component, Hyaluronate contains 6,000 times greater moisture retention capacity as compared to other components. Apart from intensive moisture supply, it forms a protective moisture shield over the skin to protect and lock the moisture inside the skin.