Aurora Cover Cushion Moisture



Aurora Cover Cushion Moisture is an upgrade version of Aurora Cover Cushion with the same high adherence coverage, but with increased moisture. In addition to 10% of moisture essence, a total of 70% essence made of natural ingredients provides multifunction skin care and dewy complexion with great coverage. With its mild ingredients, it is applicable to all skin type. Especially in winter or people with dry skin. Available in three shades, 13, 21, and 23.


  • Winter and dry weather
  • Dry and acne-prone skin
  • Simultaneous skin care and makeup effect


Aurora Cover Cushion Moisture’s main goal is to fill the skin with powerful moisture from the bottom and lock it inside the skin while the high adherence foundation meticulously covers the skin with a dewy finish. Also, the long-lasting formula has strong resistant to sweat and tears which prevents the makeup from darkening, clumping and caking. The 70% of the moisture-rich essence, high coverage, and long-lasting formula enable the makeup to be maintained flawless and dewy as it was in the morning.


Not only this product has excellent hydration and makeup function but also is a perfect solution for all skin problems. The essence made of natural ingredients provides a skin care effect and turn the problematic skin into flawless skin. When the foundation is applied, the essence provides UV protection (SPF 50+ / PA +++), soothing effect, moisture evaporation prevention, sebum secretion control and more.


Ceramide : Ceramide is a moisture component that consists 40% of sebum in the skin. It provides moisture and protects the skin from the outer environment by forming a water protection shield.

Centella asiatica extract: Centella asiatica extract is a natural ingredient famous for its various functions. It contains Madecassoside, a principal compound in Centella, which is effective in improving acne-prone, inflammatory skin and controlling oil-water balance. Also, it shows an excellent effect in skin pigmentations, acne scars, and elasticity with its powerful skin regeneration and Collagen synthetic function within the skin.

Punica granatum fruit extract & Camellia flower extract : Pomegranate contains the most suitable hormones to a human body than any other plant-derived hormones. The Collagen in these natural hormones offers a glossy complexion by supplementing the deficient nutrient to the skin. The Camellia flower extract has an effective antioxidant function. It smooths out the skin texture and provides a glossy complexion by eliminating activated oxygen and preventing the moisture evaporation in the skin.