Best Valentine's Day Gifts

Before We Go On

Now that we're promptly coming close to the day of love - here's a round-up of lovely products to celebrate. From metallic packaged sheet masks to dreamy foundation cushions, here are a few of our favorite things for the month of February. 


Aurora Cover Cushion



The pretty white package with rose gold edges is as cute as it is functional. With a magnetic closure, this cushion will never open in your bag. The cushion itself features a mochi cushion to make sure the product is fresh and moist for a natural application. All you need is a quick touch up pre - V-day dinner and you'll be good to go. Oh, and we can't forget the skincare functions that come with the product to keep your skin looking good after the foundation is removed! You can most definitely have it all.

Squalane Silk Mask 



One of our most loved sheet masks, the silk is luxurious and hypoallergenic. Packaged in a metallic purple, it's perfect for the modern Valentine's day palette while providing moisture to your skin. Whether you're using it to prep for the day of love or post day of love use - it's the perfect sheet mask for this occasion.

Multi Drop Water Pack Gel


An intensive deep moisturizing sleeping pack that goes into droplets as you apply it on to the skin. The Multi-Drop Water Pack Gel will make sure that your skin is glowing for any day - what better way to show love to yourself by taking care of your skin and waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Power Brightening Glutathione Cream


If you're looking for a brightening primer and moisturizer the Power Brightening Glutathione Cream is for you. It comes in a baby pink box but packaged in a clear and gold jar - the cream itself brightens your complexion, smooths out, and mattifies the skin. Creating the perfect base for makeup application or just going out as is. 

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