5 Makeup Tricks for the Perfect Honey and Glass Skin

Before We Go On


Let’s face it - we’re all human and sometimes our skin isn’t as glowy and radiant as we want it to be. Maybe you had one too many drinks, or you had a bit more junk food than planned. It happens! But, you wake up the next day and your skin looks dull, bloated, and worse … broke out. It all happens to the best of us and sometimes it’s just the bullet you bite. Luckily for us, makeup exists for the days where you just don’t feel like seeing your skin in an unhappy state. So, if you are looking to create a healthy hydrated glow, this is the article for you. Here are the 5 best makeup tricks to recreate honey skin or glass skin. 

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1. Dr. Althea’s Double Serum Balm Foundation

This stuff is great if you want a honey skin complexion - the best part is that it’s actually helping you achieve the honey skin complexion without makeup on too. It’ll also make a great base for glass skin. 


2. Clear Lip Balm 

That’s right! Lip balm, a model secret to a very subtle, healthy glow. Just dab a bit on your ring finger and swipe it over your highlight points. You can even swipe a bit over your lids for an all-around dewy glow. 


3. Glittery Highlighter 

I’m talking KILLA WATT or more if you’re looking for a strong glass skin. Swipe it over your highlight points and blend out with your ring finger for an effortless yet strong sheen. Cool shades are best to create that glassy finish. 

4. Powder Oily Areas

You want to have the honey or glass sheen where it needs to be. So powder anywhere that gets too oily so you don’t look like you’re drenched. 

5. Moisture and Mask

A solid moisturizer goes a long way, it’ll create a good base for your foundation as your skin will be hydrated and ready to glow. If you’re feeling extra fancy you can use a face mask - we recommend our squalane mask, it’ll be great a great way to prep your skin for the makeup look of your choice!


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